5 DIY photography hacks to take amazing shots

Photography is one of those skills that cannot be perfected overnight. It is an art that requires a lot of practice and perseverance to master. However, in the age of the internet and digitization, most of us are constantly looking for simple tips and tricks to learn things quickly. So we bring you some cool and amazing DIY photography hacks that will improve your photography skills. If you are an amateur photographer then this is for you. Let’s start!

string stand

A tripod is probably one of the best options when attempting to capture still images. Still, having to carry around a tripod every time you want to capture perfect still images isn’t a viable option. And it also sounds impractical. Instead, you can use a simple piece of string to click on stunning still images. Here’s how:

  • Tie one end of a long string to a 1/4 inch diameter bolt

  • Take a metal disc and tie the other end of the string to it. Make sure the cord is slightly shorter than your height

  • Screw the screw to the camera’s screw attachment point

  • Now when you take the photos, just drop the washer on the ground, step on it and pull the camera up to create some tension on the cord to get a steady shot

Flash bouncer

Lighting is considered one of the most important aspects of photography. Flash can be used to great advantage when trying to manipulate lighting conditions. On the other hand, using lightning brings setbacks like harsh shadows and white zombie-like faces.

Dealing with these disadvantages is a pain even for professional photographers. However, you can avoid these problems by simply sticking a piece of white paper or a business card over your camera’s flash module. It is one of the easiest photography hacks for beginners.

sunglasses filter

Did you know that one of the most popular accessories that photographers love to use is sunglasses? We see different colors and tones when we wear sunglasses and you can add these colors to your shots. Sunglasses can help give a photo a fresh and funky look. Instead of adding filters through software, you can add nature filters with sunglasses.

Put a pair of sunglasses in front of the camera lens to capture quirky and whimsical images with a retro vibe. Using sunglasses to take pictures will help you improve color saturation, reduce glare, or get a neutral density filter for your photos.

Bubble wrap light ball

To create a diffused light effect, the Light Sphere Speed ​​Mount Modifier is a great camera accessory. This accessory will help you make your own ball of light using a piece of bubble wrap. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Cut a long strip of bubble wrap (about 2 feet)

  • Attach Velcro to the end of this strip. Then wrap it around the flash module leaving plenty of room at the top

  • You can add another layer of bubble wrap for extra diffusion

  • Because we use velcro, you can remove this bubble wrap when you don’t need it

This way you can make your own DIY Gary Fong Light Sphere.

DIY lightbox

A light box, also known as a light tent, is another essential accessory that only professional photographers can afford in the studio. Nevertheless, you can build your own light tent with these simple steps:

  • Take a big box. Cut large windows in the two opposite sides

  • Glue long pieces of white paper inside the box to create a studio-like backdrop

  • Place two white fabrics outside the box to cover the windows

  • Then place two reading lights directly in front of the box

  • It creates a soft, diffused light

  • In addition, you can place more reading lights towards the windows of the box for more diffused light

  • Use this lightbox to capture crystal clear images of products and small objects

This is one of the least known DIY photography hacks to turn your plain and boring product images into professional ones.


These were some of the most creative and easy DIY photography hacks that can take your photography skills to a new level. Ready to experiment with these tips and tricks to see which one works best for you? These 5 DIY photography hacks are guaranteed to add fun to your photo sessions.

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