Augmented Reality is the next mass medium – are you ready for the revolution?

AR essentially overlays virtual elements onto the viewer’s physical environment. AR mass adoption is slow but sure. The reason for this is that the technology is still very new and it will take some time before it is internalized by the general public. Price reduction of AR gadgets will obviously be an important factor like all other tech gadgets. Although some high-end smartphones have AR capabilities, they are not able to take full advantage of AR. Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram have made the best use of the camera in their smartphones for AR. The selfie game was hugely popular in 2015 because of Snapchat’s face filters. Facebook’s Camera Effects AR app was also highly appreciated in 2017.

Thanks to companies like Facebook, Apple and Google, the AR platform was developed and launched. Of course, since they have a huge user base, they will provide them with their AR applications out of the box. Apple’s AR-Kit, Snapchat’s Lens Studio and Google’s ARCore have enabled developers to create efficient and engaging AR apps and related features. In the future there will be many AR features in addition to the current virtual measuring tapes and photo altering filters. It has particularly good prospects for use in neurosurgery.

2D content may have bored everyone to death. AR offers a superior UX than the current experience of 2D with its vivid 3D experience. The proof can be seen from downloads of Pokemon Go game. 1,60,00,000 daily views of Snapchat’s selfie lenses can also be said to be another mass adoption of AR. The greatest adoption of AR will be in e-commerce, where static billboards can be enhanced with vibrant UX. Ikea is a famous furniture brand and has released an AR app. Users could walk through the app and see how the virtual furniture of their choice would fit into their living room. This is just one of many cases.


The tech newsletters and magazines are full of trends in the VR industry and AR is relatively less popular. But actually, AR is the one that will have a bigger share among VR/AR technologies. As mentioned at the beginning, AR’s share of the total $108 billion AR/VR market that will exist in 2020 is around $83 billion. This alone says something about the potential of AR technology. Global spending on AR/VR technologies in 2018 is estimated at around $17.8 billion. This shows the huge market opportunity for such NGUI technologies.

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