Census 2021: This time there will be a digital census in India. Will they be given work?

This time there will be a digital census in India. A roadmap for digital census has been prepared. Who will be in charge of Digital Census 2021? Digital Census 2021

Census 2021: The Registrar General of India and the Census Commissioner are now conducting a digital census in India. The central government will conduct digital census 3,768 thousand budget Left. The first census in India after independence 1951 Happened. 1951 Since then, seven censuses have been conducted. This time in 2021 8th There will be a census. The 2021 census will be completed digitally. Coming soon Economic accounting The survey was conducted in 2020. Which was a completely digital account. The CSC was chosen to conduct the economic census. CSC And CSC VLE With the help of this, the economic census was successfully completed even during the Corona period. Many CSC VLEs have found employment by completing the digital economic census. The biggest advantage of conducting a digital census is- Save timeHence the workload of conducting Digital Census (CSC) General service center ) Will be recruited.

Census 2021: Outline of Digital Census.

For the first time in India, the outline of conducting digital census will be as follows.

  • For the first time in India, the census will be conducted digitally.
  • Digital census csc ,CSC) Will be recruited.
  • The central government is going to conduct digital census for the first time The budget has been set at Tk 3,7,000 crore.
  • One for digital census Software Will be prepared.
  • Census 2021 Each census worker will be given a tablet or smart phone. This census (on tablet or smart phone)CENCSE) Of Android app Will be installed. Given Census Worker Sense Android App Your ID (ID) and Password (Password) on Tablet or Smart Phone Can conduct census in a given area or block or gram panchayat.
  • Census workers to count each family 15 From 20 You will get Rs.

Questions to ask during the census-

In the 2021 census, census workers will go from house to house to count each family separately. To do this, you can ask questions to any member of the household in the following ways:

  • How many families are there in this house?
  • Name of the head of the family.
  • Gender
  • Name of family member
  • Date of birth or age
  • Related to the chief
  • Current marital status
  • Age of marriage
  • Religion
  • Born
  • There is no disability in the house.
  • Language
  • Companion
  • How many people are present in the house?
  • Mother tongue
  • Other languages ​​are familiar
  • Literacy status: Sahitya-1 / Param-2
  • Presence status
  • Achieved the highest educational level
  • Worked any time of the previous year
  • Department of Economic Activity
  • Presentation
  • The nature of the industry, business or service
  • Working class
  • Non-economic activity
  • Available for work
  • Travel for work
    (i) One way distance
    (ii) e of travel
  • Village / City, Place of Birth, Born in India, Current details of Village / City, District and State must be submitted. The current name of the country is outside India
  • Towards immigration
    Fill in for people from other places in this village / town Travel time In India (B) If

    Previous place of residence (Who)

  • Reasons for immigration
  • The period from immigration to stay in this village / town
  • Reproduction –
    Daughter (
    Son , Surviving children , Son)

  • Ever born alive
    Son (
    Son , Son

  • Number of surviving children in the last one year
    Boys (
    Son , Son
  • Top

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