Fixed dome cameras – technologies, advantages, area of ​​application

Fixed dome cameras are one of several main types of security surveillance cameras used in video surveillance systems. They can be made with different technologies – analog, IP-based or IP-based megapixel, but regardless of the technology used, they have one special feature that sets them apart from all other cameras. They have a discreet design, which makes them very suitable for public places – cafes, bars, restaurants. The whole idea in their design is to ensure maximum security protection for visitors and staff without the annoying view of surveillance cameras. In such places, the discreet appearance of security systems is of great importance.

Like infrared cameras, these surveillance cameras are manufactured in different versions, offer different image quality and have fixed or varifocal lenses.

Depending on the technology used, fixed dome cameras are analogue, IP-based or IP-based megapixel cameras. This is essential for the quality of the recorded images.

Fixed dome cameras can be placed in domes suitable for external installation, although this is not their usual installation area.

Fixed dome cameras contain fixed or varifocal lenses. The first are easier to install and set up, while the second types are not strictly tied to the security area as they have an adjustable viewing angle.

Conclusion: Fixed dome cameras are easy to install, have a discreet design and are easy to maintain. On the other hand, they offer all the characteristics of a security camera – video image quality and reliability – qualities that make them suitable for large security systems and for “do it yourself” projects.

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