High definition camera in your pocket

Today’s technology has revolutionized the use, capabilities and style of video recording. Imagine being able to capture a special scene or event in your life with a pocket video camera in high definition. An HD pocket camera is a tapeless camcorder that fits in your pocket. It is similar in shape and size to the mobile phone. What makes an HD pocket camera so great is that you can take it with you wherever you go, whether you are going to clubs and partying or going on adventure trips without any hassles. Unlike the usual bulky camcorders, it usually has a 1.5 inch LCD screen. Another good thing is that their storage can be expanded with SD cards, while some offer a massive amount of internal storage (most HD pocket cameras have 4GB of internal storage).

Some examples of the now famous ones like Creative Vado HD, Sony Bloggie MHS-PM5 and Flip Video. Aside from their compact design and ease of use, pocket cameras are also considered to be very affordable. The third generation Creative Vado HD was considered the top rated by PC World. It has the wide-angle lens of any other HD pocket camcorder. It has the best quality from exposure control to low-light resolution at a great price of no more than $200. Another top review is the Flip MinoHD. It is considered to be the most attractive and solidly built pocket camcorder with its design and also has good video quality. There are still many top-of-the-line HD pocket cameras being considered by PC World, but these two are the most talked about. Some top notch pocket camcorders come from Kodak, JVC, Sony, Flip Video and Toshiba. Many professionals use pocket cameras specifically for outdoor reporting on the go.

If you’re looking forward to buying an HD pocket camera but are torn between choosing the best camera for you, start by making a list of your preferences. Create a price range or budget to narrow down your options and write a list of pros and cons for each pocket camera you prefer. This allows you to tell the difference between each camera and know which is affordable or convenient but of high quality. Visiting a local gadget store will help you a lot in your decision. Try any HD pocket camera they carry so you also know how it feels to carry and use. It is undeniable that some, like all other gadgets, are not user-friendly and if you are just starting out, it is better to go for the user-friendly device to practice with.

For more information on HD pocket cameras and camcorders, visit the gadget review sites. They offer a complete overview of the best HD pocket camcorders with price comparisons. You can also check out some gadget forums that talk about the pros and cons of each pocket camcorder brand or unit.

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