How to download Banksathi app?  And how to earn money?

How to download Banksathi app? And how to earn money?

Through this article, we are going to give you information about Banksathi App. If you If you are thinking of downloading and using the Banksathi app then read this post in full.

Friends, you must have seen and heard many times before that agents of LIC, Sahara India and other insurance companies used to visit people’s homes and offices etc. and explain in detail the insurance plans of the company.

And if the same people had insured them, the agents would get commission according to each customer, but now with the increasing technology, it has become easier to do all this.

In view of all this, now a finance app has been created, with the help of which you can earn good money from home by providing financial services to people through free internet and anyone can do this.

For all this, you need to download this app on your smartphone, so please read this article regularly so that you can understand. How to download Banksathi app ?? And how to use?

How To Download Banksathi App For Android Phone From Google Play Store.

You can easily download Banksathi app by understanding the following points-

  • First you open Google Play and type – Banksathi app

  • Then click on the INSTALL text button.

  • You don’t have to do anything now after clicking the install button, it will be installed on your phone automatically.

  • Now you open it and easily follow the instructions below and use it.

How to download Banksathi app for iPhone from Apple App Store.

If you Banksathi app If you search the Apple App Store for your iPhone, you won’t find it, because the BankSathi app isn’t available in the Apple App Store, but friends, you don’t have to worry,

Since this is an Indian and trusted app, you can read and understand the context given in the next paragraph carefully and you can easily download it successfully through APK file.

How to download Banksathi App Download APK i.e. APK file?

You can easily download Banksathi app by following the instructions given below-

Instruction 1– First go to Chrome browser and type this keyword – Download Banksathi App APK File

Instruction 2– Now you’re the first Click on the website that will come up.

Instruction 3Next, you will see a green button saying Download APK (35MB), click on it.

Instruction 4You will then see a small blue bottom arrow, click on it (shown in the picture below) and press OK when a notification comes up.

Instruction 5The APK file will be installed on your phone in a few seconds, now you are ready to open it.

The Banksathi App is a digital platform that provides all types of financial services, where you become a financial advisor and provide services according to the needs of the people – demat account for trading, insurance policy, personal loan, home loan, business loan and more. Credit card related services and services like opening a paperless online zero balance account, you can earn a lot of money by generating your commission, this app was launched in February 2011.

The Banksathi app can solve a lot of money problems for us, and with it there are many benefits that you can find out through a few lines below –

  1. In this app you don’t have to give any financial information to the customer for whom you submit lead, you only need to add lead once, after that all the work will be done by the banker app team itself.
  2. The payouts of this app are very attractive, ranging from 150 to 1800 rupees, such payouts are not found in any other app.
  3. After joining the BankSathi app, you will get a visiting card from this app with your name written on it, which you can share on social media and add more leads and increase people’s trust in you.
  4. There are many people who want to create a new branch using the famous brand name, that is, want to be a franchise, then it has been made absolutely free through this app.
  5. The referral and monetization option has also been enabled in the BankSathi app, you can also get up to 10% commission for each customer.

Below are some of the main reasons to use Banksathi app, which are useful for all people and also worth knowing, so that everyone can understand. Why use Banksathi app?

The first reason- Because from this same app you have the option to refer all the different finance companies to others.

The second reason- If you do not want to add your bank account number to this app, you can add your Paytm account number, which cannot be done in any other finance app.

The third reason- With this app you can start your own finance business without spending a single penny.

The fourth reason- The fourth reason to use it is that you have complete transparency in this app, that is, if you lend to someone, or provide services to someone like a credit card.

So you can see all the financial activities of all of them, so that you will never feel that this app is hiding anything from you.

Fifth reason- The format of this app is very simple, so anyone can use it.

Sixth reason- Last but not least, the app has connectivity with Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Upstox, ICICI Bank and many more trusted banks, so customer data is also secure.

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