How to download Kotak 811 Digital Saving App ??  And how to use?

How to download Kotak 811 Digital Saving App ?? And how to use?

Friends, you must have seen an ad video on YouTube about Kotak 811 Digital Saving App, on which you heard this script –

“In five minutes you can open your dream book, yes in just five minutes, how?”

In this article we will try to explain to you about Kotak 811 Digital Savings Bank Account and tell you in detail in this complete article with complete information from beginning to end.

Let us know how to download Kotak 811 Digital Saving App? And how to use? And so do we How to open an account in Kotak 811 Digital Saving App and what are its benefits? Will also present information about you, so please continue reading this article.

How to download Kotak 811 Digital Saving App on Android Phone?

To download Kotak 811 Digital Saving App on your Android phone, you just need to understand some of the points given below, which means you can easily download this app-

First, open the Google Play Store on your Android phone and type in the search box – Kotak 811 Mobile Banking App

  1. Now the interface of Kotak 811 mobile banking app will come to the fore.
  2. In it you will see an install button, click on it.
  3. By clicking the install button, it will be automatically downloaded to your phone successfully.
  4. Now open the app and follow the instructions below and use it easily.

How to download Kotak 811 app on iPhone?

Downloading Kotak 811 Digital Saving App on iPhone is as simple and easy as downloading it from Google Play Store without these few instructions-

Instruction 1First, open the Apple App Store on your iPhone.

Instruction 2After that Apple’s option will come, click on it.

Instruction 3– Then you will have two options, one is paid app and the other is free app, since it is a free app, so you click on the free app option.

Instruction 4Then you open the search box and type this keyword – Kotak 811 mobile banking App and click on the search icon.

Instruction 5– After you click the install button, (shown in the picture above) in a few seconds this app will be successfully downloaded to your iPhone.

Congratulations! Now you are ready to use Kotak 811 Digital Saving App.

Kotak 811 Digital Saving App Download APK How to download APK file?

To download the apak file of Kotak 811 Digital Saving App, please follow the lines given below, through which you can easily download the apk file to your Android phone and iPhone –

1. You go to Google and search by typing this keyword apk file kotak 811.
2. Now you will see the second number Kotak-811 mobile banking website (shown in the picture below). Click on it.

3. Then a green button will appear in front of you where to start the download, click on it.

4. Then the APK file will start downloading, after which you will get a notification, on which you click OK. (As seen in this picture.)

5. Now this APK file will be installed on your device, after a while you will be able to open it and use it easily.

The Kotak 811 Digital Savings App is an OTP based digital and finance app that allows every citizen of India to open their Zero Balance Savings Account through their PAN card and Aadhaar card at home absolutely free of cost through internet.

Launched in March 2017, the digital service is directed by Uday Kotak, India’s fifth richest man.

This app includes a number of great services that attract people to use it more, such as – its zero balance account opening process which is completely paperless, this app does not need to maintain a zero balance account. No average fee is required, even if you have zero account is active.

Also, the most important feature of Kotak 811 Digital Saving App is that you can complete your KYC in minutes via video call from home.

The biggest advantage of the Kotak 811 digital savings app is that it is a zero balance account. In addition, many of their benefits are shown below, know that you can open your savings account in Kotak 811 –

Convenience number 1 After opening an account, whether you put money in it or not, the bank does not charge you any penalty.

Facility No. 2With this, you do not have to go to the bank at the time of opening the account or after opening the account, you can manage all the work related to the account sitting at home.

Facility No. 3– When you open a Kotak 811 Digital Savings Account, you get an interest rate of up to 3.5% of the total amount, but this interest rate is never fixed at 3.5%.

Facility No. 4With this, as soon as you successfully open your account, you will be immediately given a virtual debit card absolutely free and UP IID from the bank, which you can use as an online transaction.

Benefit No. 5– The best advantage of opening a Zero Balance account with this bank is that banks allow you to use Lifetime Credit Card for Fixed Deposit (FD) without any proof of income and without any charge, which is not offered by any other banking service.

Facility No. 6The biggest problem with any account is K-YC, which is what this bank offers you at home. Under this, you can K-YC your account at home by calling an agent or making a direct video call. You can do it completely free.

Facility No. 7After completing the K-YC of your account, you are provided with a one-time check book, which you can use to make large transactions.

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