How to form a self-help group. Self-help group registration

How to create a Self Help Group (SHG Group). What is a self help group?

The government has set up self-help groups under the Rural Livelihoods Mission so that rural women can get employment and benefit from government projects. Self-help groups (SHGs) to improve and promote the status of womenSHG Group ) Is formed. Millions of rural women have been employed under this mission. In self-help groups, a group of 10 to 20 women is formed and they are registered. One of them is the president and one woman is the secretary and one month the treasurer and the rest are women members.

How to form a self-help group.

To create a self-contained group, first choose your group name. Then create a group of at least 10 women and more than 20 women in your group. You need to register that group

There are 3 ways you can register a self-help group.

You can go to your block and register your support group.

Name your support group first and then name all the women who want to join this group. Those women can go to the village development officer of their block and register their group.

You can register a self-help group by visiting your nearest Common Service Center.

You can also register your self-help group through the Common Service Center. For this, it is mandatory for the women in your group to have Aadhaar card and PAN card. Women of all groups can register their group with their Aadhaar and PAN card at the Common Service Center.

You can register yourself in a self-help group by applying online.

You can register your self-help group by filling out an online form at home. Go to this website for this You can apply at home. Within a few days of applying, your group’s registration number is available and your group is registered.

How to apply for a self-help group online?

To register a self-help group, you must first do this in any browser on your mobile or laptop. The website must be opened. Then a form will open in front of you. Fill in all the information in the form that is requested. E.g.-

  • First the name of the self-help group. (You can select and type the name of any self-help group)
  • Name of the chairman of the self-help group.
  • Name of his position in the self-help group.
  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Enter the address of the self-help group.
  • Fill in the details of the bank account opened by the self-help group.

After completing all the correct information, when you submit the form, your self help group will be registered in a few days and you will be given the self help group registration number.

How many Self Help Groups (SHGs) are running in your Gram Panchayat? How do I know that?

How many are in your gram panchayat? Self-help group (SHG ) How many are running? Find out in any mobile or laptop browser Search. This will open a new page in front of you. Then follow these steps –

  • Report Click
  • Then Self-help groups Click
  • And Self-help group in NRLM database Click
  • Then own Condition To like
  • After that yours District To like
  • After that yours Block Select.
  • After that yours Gram Panchayat Select.

After that, a list of all the self-help groups in your gram panchayat will come in front of you. You can get all the information of that group by clicking on any group. E.g.-Group name, group code, and how many and who members are in the group.

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