How to withdraw your PF money after retirement in India

Retirement in India (Leisure) Then how to withdraw your PF money. How to withdraw your PF money after retirement How to get PF pension? How to check PF pension What is PF? pf ka paisa kaise nikle |

Let’s find out what is PF?

Full version of PF- Funding It is in English Funding Said it is known by another name which is known as EPF. EPF Full Form – Employee provident fund Is. For PF 1952 EPFO ( Employee provident fund organization ) E.g. Employee provident fund organization Was created

Government or non-government organization, from the salaries of the employees of the company 12 percent Are deducted and credited to their EPF account. The same company or organization credits your EPF account. Including both salaries in your EPF account 24 percent Is submitted. On the amount deposited in the EPF account 8 percent Interest is paid.

Employees are paid EPF at the time of retirement or leaving the job. If you want to withdraw EPF money first, you can withdraw some of your EPF only for your treatment or for the marriage of your daughter.

How to check EPF money?

You can use the following option to check EPF balance.

  • You can check your EPF balance via SMS.
  • You can get your EPF account information with one missed call.
  • You can remove your passbook from your UAN number.

How to withdraw EPF money?

You must have these documents to withdraw EPF money.

  • Your mobile number that is registered in your EPF account.
  • Bank passbook.
  • Aadhaar card (with your mobile number)
  • PAN card.
  • UAN number

If you have all these documents, you can go to the EPFO ​​website and apply for EPF withdrawal. Link –,

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