Professional real estate photography is crucial to the success of the sale of your home

Nowhere is this more true than on the internet, where most home buying searches are made – “web appeal” is the new “curb appeal,” the bait that attracts buyers. Appealing photos will capture the prospect’s attention, while houses with mediocre photos can pass well.

When you sell your house, hire a real estate agent who will market your property in the best possible way. Agents are experts in the business aspects of the sales process; Research, pricing, promotion, negotiation and closing. But the heart of your offer – pictures – is a photo expert to take them?

Grabbing a point and shoot and photographing a house seems like a reasonable option. A lot of times you can get good shots just by being lucky. However, many aesthetic and technological difficulties must be overcome to achieve the consistently great photography needed in today’s multi-photo lists.

Internet display systems, known for presenting still images, panning slide shows, and virtual tours, are another tool available to real estate agents. These products are only as good as the photographs used in them. Use bad photos and you end up with a bad photo placed in a slideshow or tour.

Photography is a highly specialized industry – not all photographers are the same. A good portrait photographer is not necessarily a good real estate photographer, because the photographic challenges and thus the training are different. Architectural photographers are not the best choice as they charge a significantly higher price which affects your agent’s bottom line. Professional real estate photographers will give you similar results at a good price.

In addition to first-class equipment, professional real estate photographers have more than just a good eye. They know exactly where to put the camera and are adept at keeping it level. Professional photographers are skilled at reliably taking multiple, consistently good shots of any home. The exterior is captured from the best angle, trumpeting blue skies and puffy clouds. Indoor shots are well composed, evenly lit, and provide clear visual information about the space you’re looking at.

Photos rarely come out of the camera ready for viewing. They require post-processing, and this is where the professional real estate photographer excels. Great real estate photos “jump” off the screen or page. They look and feel bright, light, open and inviting. When they’re well done, the viewer doesn’t know why they like them, they just do!

Ask yourself which listing you’d rather be: You’re looking at two similar listings, one with some photos that are a bit dark, cropped too tight, and feel a little blurry. The other listing contains clear, detailed photos of the exterior surroundings and the main rooms of the house. It’s clear what will generate more interest, demonstrations and potentially faster sales.

So what can you do to get the best photography for your listing?

Examine the existing offers of your potential agents. Do you have great photos? Are there half a dozen or more images in the web directories? Professional property photography is performed at the agent’s discretion. If the agent you choose doesn’t use professionals, insist that they do. Those who see the results. And you too.

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