Recover deleted pictures on Nikon D5000 with photo recovery software

The Nikon D5000 camera is one of the best cameras to own if you want to learn how to photograph and practice with the technical aspects of a camera and it is very similar to the other DX cameras on the market. It is the smallest in size, weight and price of the series. However, it can be delicate and you may lose photos when saving to the included single SD card. It’s a very quiet camera, and you might not realize you’re accidentally deleting photos instead of reviewing the images.

If you follow these steps, you may accidentally get the photos. First, stop using the SD card immediately. It is important to understand that the deleted photos are not actually erased from SD card; They have simply been marked for overwriting and are not visible. You can see them again, but you no longer need to use your card to do so. If you keep using the SD card and taking photos, you reduce the chances of recovering the deleted photos.

When you are in front of your computer, plug in the SD card and see if you can view the accidentally deleted photos. The best way to view the content is using an SD card reader. This is better than using your camera to connect to the computer. You may be able to get back the photos you accidentally deleted, but if you can’t, you need the help of photo recovery software.

If you go online and do a quick search, you will find that there are many photo recovery programs that can be downloaded from the Internet. However, I will talk about Photo Retrieval 1.70 for PC. You can use the trial version which is free to download.

Connect your SD card to your computer. Then run the photo recovery program so that it can scan your SD card. It can show the photos you deleted from your Nikon D5000.

To make sure this doesn’t happen again, always keep your Nikon D5000 in a safe place. If you plan to put your camera in your pocket, make sure it has a protective case so it doesn’t turn on and delete photos. Keep the SD card and the card unit clean. You should check the camera regularly to make sure the camera is working well and all buttons are working properly.

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