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Dallas offers various types of DVRs and cameras to its customers. Customers can choose the DVR and camera according to their application and budget. The DVR can be PC based or standalone, 4ch, 8ch, 16ch or 32ch. The cameras can be PZ, box, IR, dome and special cameras. In addition, Dallas offers various types of cables including coaxial cable, fiber optic cable and modulator for customer’s environments and applications.

Dallas is a licensed installer with extensive experience in the CCTV industry. Our quality installations are carried out by highly qualified technicians. Her goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations. Studies have shown that 90% of CCTV system failures are due to cabling problems. Dallas uses the most tested and proven cabling techniques to ensure our customers the highest level of performance reliability.

The components we use come from successful manufacturers who have been in the business with very high-quality professional products for years. So far we have experienced a failure rate of almost 0% with our DVRs and cameras. In order that all customers can afford the CCTV system to protect their businesses and homes, we quote the prices with a reasonable and limited profit. This is one of the many reasons why we continue to grow in the CCTV systems installation business. We also carry well-known branded products for the specific needs of our customers.

With our strong background in computer and network experience, we are able to offer our customers a complete CCTV system installation that includes the network/internet setup for remote monitoring of your smartphone/tablet/PC over the intranet or internet. Many CCTV installers only install the camera system, not the network/internet setup for their customers. Therefore, customers have to hire someone else to set up the network/internet for them.

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