Trick photography and special effects – The magic of a photographer

If photography is your passion and you are concerned about not owning an expensive camera, there is no need to worry. Trick photography and special effects” is at your disposal! This eBook has everything a budding photographer could need, as the name suggests very well. The book contains everything from photos taken by professionals, to video tutorials and a long line of how-to guides.

A real pleasure

The Trick Photography and Special Effects eBook is nothing more than taking professional courses from an experienced photographer. It captured almost all types of photographs at the same time and revealed all the tricks that help capture the perfect photos.

The picturesque shots included in the book are enough to take your breath away. It seems that even Photoshop hasn’t managed the feat of making images look that attractive. The book is infuriating because of the variety of images it features, such as motion freezes, light painting techniques, motion blur, star trails, special effects, 3D images, long exposure effects, and more.

Sharboneau’s expertise

Indeed, Evan Sharboneau has opened up avenues for many passionate photographers out there who cannot afford the luxuries of expensive equipment and courses. Sharboneau has been at his creative best in this book, and this is reflected in the satisfaction and excitement that readers have after reading Trick Photography and Special Effects. In fact, the book is a revolutionary attempt as many professional photographers don’t like to reveal their photography secrets.

First of all, the book does not require the reader to be a master photographer. In addition, the numerous photos and videos are suitable for getting an amateur interested in photography. You might get lost in these photos and videos sometimes. The book contains all the tricks to capture infrared light and make surreal images. It just makes your fantasy come true.

Must read

Trick Photography and Special Effects is a photographer’s magical journal and has immense potential to contribute to his growth as an artist. It answers all photography questions. In addition to photography tricks and techniques, the book also mentions the best editing tricks.

I highly recommend this book. The ideas are original and explained in the simplest possible way. However, there is no substitute for hard work and practice. So perseverance will get you far. The book’s eBook format makes it all the more helpful and accessible. You can do the book full justice by picking up a copy, because some things are best understood through self-analysis.

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