What is PP in digital photography?

Of course we want to say that this is PP Group – a leading team in the photo industry, because that’s our name! Because we are the PP Group. But PP in digital photography means something else.

Our research shows that most people use this abbreviation – PP – in conversations about digital photography to say the word “Photoshop” for short. It is derived from the first and last letters of the word – P. Usually, professional photography uses Photoshop software, as it offers many opportunities for image optimization and obtaining higher image quality.

Another use for PP with the photography stuff is when people try to say “post-processing” for short. In this case one speaks of post-processing in digital photography or in short: “PP in digital photography”.

You can see the PP abbreviation when it says “Photographic Process”. It means editing, developing photographs. As far as we know there is even a book called – “Photographic Processes” that describes PP – color negative/color reversal processing, taking and developing photographs. Color and B&W (black and white) film and print processing as well.

And as we were talking about print processing, we remembered that there is another PP meaning used in digital photography conversations. That’s correct! That’s the photo printer stuff or the photo paper stuff. There are even some printer models called “(somewhat) PP”. One of them is a Canon model. Or photo paper, called “Photo Paper High Gloss PP 101D” or similar.

You may hate us, but we want to let you know that there is another PP abbreviation, and it stands for Pocket Pouch. Believe us – we think this isn’t normal either, but it’s a fact. The pocket cases for your digital cameras may be offered in some websites or brochures like PP for digital cameras.

Believe it or not, but you might see PP as like “sides”, which also means in photography. There are many lessons, courses, lectures and articles written in different places – mostly on the internet and they are quotes from some photo books. If accompanied by numbers, it is also possible that PP is a page number. Most often it looks like this: pages 136-278, and as is well known means – pages 136 to 278.

Well, it’s not that hard now to understand what PP is in digital photography once you know the rest of the text. You can assess which meaning is helpful to you and understand the main text idea.

It is also possible to see a different PP meaning; another is not described here because people like to use abbreviations. But don’t forget that PP generally means “Photoshop” when it comes to photography.

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